Ledge stone

Timeless rustic charm

Few architectural features match the timeless and textural beauty of a natural stone wall. Designers and homeowners have been gravitating towards using rustic design elements that embrace more natural textures and create an organic vibe indoors and outdoors. This appears to be a trend that will continue strongly in the future and rustic stone walls offer a unique timeless way to incorporate this appealing design direction.

Want to make a dramatic statement?

Coming in 5 exceptional colours

Rustik Norstone Charcoal Charcoal

Rustik Norstone Ochre Ochre

Rustik Norstone Aztec Aztec

Rustik Norstone Mojave Mojave

Rustik Norstone Tiger Skin Tiger Skin


Rustik™ Loose Stone

Available as loose stone to allow a skilled stone mason to create a natural organic look. This can be more appealing for designers whose preference is the antithesis of the structured look of stone panels.


Rustik™ Panels

Available in panel form for quick and easy installation.


Unique interlocking design to create a seamless look

Our stunning new Norstone Rustik™ panels have our exclusive “stepped” interlocking edge profile that diminishes the vertical joints. This proprietary profile with stepped ends halves the vertical seam between adjoining panels on our Rustik™ range creating a seamless look because the panel end joints are virtually eliminated. The calibrated stepped ends combined with our unique modular stone panel system ensure ease of installation and rapid coverage of large areas.

Rustik™ Corners

Uniquely hand made to fit every corner

Corners are cut from solid stone into a L shape. Only available in Sandstone.

Natural is best

Norstone Rustik™ the obvious choice

Natural basalt stone with its inherent longevity is certainly a worthy investment whilst adding value to your home.


Norstone Rustik Range