Planc™ - Large format tiles

Stretched to the limit but not limited by size


Norstone’s new PLANC™ range is large format stone tiles in varying sizes and thickness either in stocked sizes or custom sizes to cover expansive wall areas of residential and commercial buildings.

PLANC™ stone tiles can be made to order according to a designer’s preference and finish, as we work closely with you to provide the added facility of creating genuinely bespoke items from conceptual ideas.

Planc Norstone Lavastone Platinum

Want to make a dramatic statement?

Available in 5 exceptional colours

Ebony Basalt

Lavastone Graphite

Grey Basalt

Lavastone Platinum

Silver Quartz

PLANC™ - Large format tiles

The sublime lines of each range brings a new and exciting element to indoor and outdoor design.

Stock sizes or sizes by special order

Available sizes normally stocked are sold as loose stone. Or alternatively any size can be ordered with a MOQ allowing 12 - 30 week lead time for manufacturing and shipping.

Norstone Planc Stock Sizes

Norstone Planc Grey Basalt


13 kgs per set


Lavastone, Basalt, Quartz


Honed, Sawcut

Natural is best

Norstone PLANC™ the obvious choice

Natural Planc™ stone with its inherent longevity is certainly a worthy investment whilst adding value to your home.


Norstone Planc Ebony Basalt

Norsotne Planc Lavastone Platinum

Platinum Planc Lavastone

Norstone Planc Lavastone Graphite

Graphite Planc Lavastone

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