Hewn cuboid cut stone

Iconicly rough & squarely random

Norstone’s ASHLR™ stone cladding is random sized cuboid forms with corners and capping accessories. Achieve a more formal look than crazy paving while maintaining a natural stone appeal.

Want to make a dramatic statement?

Coming in 6 exceptional colours


Ashlr Colour Grey Granite - Norstone

Grey Granite

Ashlr Colour Ochre - Norstone


Ashlr Colour Sandstone - Norstone


Ashlr Colour Aztec - Norstone


Ashlr Colour White Lime - Norstone

White Lime

ASHLR™ Hewn cuboid cut stone

Loose Stone

Available in loose stone only. Sold in Random sized squares and rectangles.

Ashlr Sandstone Norstone

Natural is best

Norstone ASHLR™ the obvious choice

Natural ASHLR™ stone with its inherent longevity is certainly a worthy investment whilst adding value to your home.


Ashlr Ochre Norstone