Natural is best.

Why choose natural stone?

Because it’s impossible to beat the innate beauty and endurance of stone that nature created millions of years ago. In addition, its broad spectrum of colours and a variety of finishes ensure stone is the natural choice. Faux or synthetic stone products cannot surpass the intrinsic characteristics of natural stone with its wonderful array of distinctive textures, richness in hues and guaranteed durability.

One of the unique and appealing characteristics of natural stone is that unlike other building materials no two pieces of natural stone are exactly alike. Occasionally the variations in different stones can be extreme in regards to colours or veins, whilst others can be very subtle. These characteristics enhance the appeal of natural stone and are a part of the inherent beauty that is unrivalled by man-made imitations.

Current Norstone natural stone products are hand made from Quartzite based sedimentary stone, Quartz, Marble and Basalt. New stone veneer and stone paving products to be introduced in the future will be processed from natural stones such as Bluestone, Granite and Sandstone.

Natural stone with its inherent longevity is an astute investment, adding value and beauty to your project.

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