Distributor Opportunities

Join the Norstone family

We are constantly seeking like-minded people to join our team and become an exclusive Norstone distributor for a particular market region; especially Eastern Europe, Russia, former Soviet Union states, Turkey, Africa, India, Korea and Japan.

For the past decade Norstone has keenly sought new business opportunities in various regions around the world and supplied product to projects outside of our key markets in far flung locations such as the Seychelles, Osaka, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Wellington, NZ to mention a few.

By working in close cooperation with our appointed distributors in established market sectors as listed on our contact page, each of them have managed to develop and expand their distribution network into thriving successful businesses.

We understand that good teamwork will be mutually beneficial to all parties, however optimum teamwork is the difference between a mediocre company and a successful one. At Norstone we don’t pretend to have all the answers but we try our best to assist our distributors to achieve their goals.



Norstone Team at Expo